Monday, July 03, 2006

so only contribution here in this blog is the tagboard. haha.! so un. that`s all..c:


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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Heck. I've been editing our friendster account and this blog account for about an hour or so already! =)) Tsk. Ok, so anyway, Felice and Jil came up with the idea of finally making a friendster-blogspot account for our clique and so anyway, I was obligued to do this thanks to Jil and Felice. *cough cough* Hehe.. Labooo. ;p

What the heck does Chienne Magnifique mean anyway? ;p Hm.. So obviously, it's french! Veanney came up with the name (she speaks french!) and the tagline that comes along with it! Hihihi. ;p

Vous sont un de nous? -chienne magnifique

So obviously that's mainly it. ;p I just hadta write an entry for this day 'cause Felice said so ;))



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+ Patty ; Felice ; Jil ; Veanney ; Janine ; Diane + Don't know what Chienne Magnifique means? Don't care. Go figure. A clique of 6 that consists of happy-go-lucky girls who couldn't care less on what other people think. ; It's either you hate us or you love us ; Gimmicks + Pictures + Pranks + Laughing your heart out + US = Love + Vous sont un de nous? -Chienne Magnifique +

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